From our CEO

Change and Harmony
Kanetani Ltd. was founded in Kurume, Fukuoka, in 1953, and incorporated as Kanetani Automobiles Ltd. in 1965. In 1977 our headquarters relocated from Kurume to Tosu.
Our Used Vehicles Centre was established in 1986, and rapidly grew to become the main focus of our business. In 1998 a subsidiary branch opened in Sakura, Chiba, expanding our operations to Tokyo and the Kanto region.

Looking at our history, it seems a new leap forward happens about every ten years.
From the Japanese economic miracle, through the oil shock and the development and collapse of the bubble economy in the 80s, above all it's been our love of trucks that's sustained us as we've evolved through the last half century of changes.

Throughout this time, our invaluable alliances with the many truck dealerships and leasing companies who have supplied us with high quality vehicles, with the expert repair shops who work with us, and of course with our loyal customers all over the globe, have built up the trust that has led to our success.

However, in recent years, as the spread of the internet has revolutionised not only the business environment but the wider world beyond, our challenge is to ask how we can best protect that trust and how we can most effectively continue to satisfy our customers needs, and to thereby deliver the greatest benefit as a company.

As the future brings ever more rapid advances, we shall endeavour to be responsive enough to change with the times and meet the challenges of a new century.
President Masaaki Kanetani
Company Creed