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Support I want to know the market price

Leave it to us!
The quantity of information out there can be overwhelming.
But whether you're interested in classic trucks, trucks for export, orjust trucks for scrap parts, our advisors' wealth of experience willgive you the right advice and support you need to find a fair price.

Can I buy using a purchase plan?
This is a popular financing option with leasing companies.
We useour extensive knowledge of the used truck industry, together with themost recent price data, to offer fairly priced purchase plans.
I wnat to find a truck / truck partsSupport

Finding the right truck or part, right now, can seem a challenge.
At Kanetani Ltd., we have an abundant store of 400-500 trucks and over2000 parts in stock, and a network of allied vendors and truckspecialists across the country, ready to find your exact requirementfor you.

Will you dispose of my truck properly?

Trust us to do it right.
We take care to remove not only any company name from the vehicle butalso any logos and patterning, and if documentation is provided we'llalso promptly deal with the ownership re-registration, so you can beconfident it won't cause you problems later on. Vehicles that havereached the end of their useful life are dismantled according torecycling law, and parts and materials re-used wherever possible.

Erasing identifying marks